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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Up Next!

Picture this…you’re in a crowded supermarket.  All of the lines are long and yet you only have 2 small items.  Depending on your mood, you may get a little annoyed because you had planned on getting in and out of the grocery store.  Then you come to a resolve and say “I might as well wait” because truth of the matter is, your time is coming!  You are next in line!  Knowing which line isn’t as important as your attitude while you are waiting.
I recently read a blog post by plus model Christina Mendez entitled “Model Dry Spell”.  In the article, she talked about perfecting your craft – taking classes, updating your comp cards, etc- while waiting for your next gig.  In her case, she is known in the plus model world but the advice she gave was practical.  Moreover, it reminded me of the importance of timing in regards to blessings that you haven’t received but are yet waiting for.  I am still waiting on my big break but instead of becoming impatient, I rejoice in this time of preparation.  
To my readers, I encourage you to do the same.   Take a minute and ask yourself these questions:
Are you getting yourself prepared for your big break?  If yes, how? 
Are you actively working and researching? 

Like you, I have a bunch of ideas in my head and I ask God each day for direction.   Moreover, don't mistake your season of waiting as wasted time.  Family, this is just the beginning and I keep telling myself that I'm on the verge of something great…but like all great things, it takes time to achieve but the good news is that I am…willing…to…WAIT!!!!!!   *huge smile*

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