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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Smiling in my FREE TEE!!!!

One evening while on Twitter, I came across the page “See Body Love Self”.  I don’t remember exactly what I clicked on prior to that but I am glad that I found it nonetheless!  The company’s theme underscores the importance of women embracing their bodies and loving themselves.  As a person who struggled in this area, it wasn't a surprise that I also took the liberty to read, re-tweet and respond to the article I read.  It was entitled “Live Your Truth with Chatterbox Christie: The Power of I Am”.)  Here is the direct link: http://seebodyloveself.org/live-your-truth-with-chatterbox-christie-the-power-of-i-am/ 

So, being the self-proclaimed clicker that I am, I kept clicking on different articles, which then lead me to a giveaway.  I read and followed the instructions.  Little did I know, I was going to be one of the winners of a FREE beautiful tee shirt.  There were several colors and sizes available, but I chose Pomegranate in a size XL and as you can...it's a perfect fit!  When you get a minute, make sure to check out Ivy LaArtista at See Body Love Self as well as Differently Clothing!!!!

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